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10 Effective tips for a successful interview

A successful interview that entails a pledged and promising career implies adherence to following cautions and rules:

  1. Do your homework:

Key to staying confident in an interview is to go informed about the company, its industry and the description of the job that you are applying for. Instead of going to lengths and studying the industry randomly try to stay focused by studying only the top competitors of the company you are applying to.

  1. Apprehending your skills and compatibilities:

Prepare a mind map of your skillset (communication, leadership etc.) and interests that complement the job description. This activity will empower you to present yourself as a promising and interested candidate. It is employer’s psychology that he/she does not approve of a candidate who fails to facilitate and justify his interest in the job he is being interviewed for.

  1. Anticipating and catering the interviewer’s concerns:

Staying aware of your shortcomings and anticipating the interviewer's reaction to it enables and empowers you to handle his concerns at the time of the interview.

  1. Command on expected interview question:

Exhibiting confidence in your skills, information and experiences are of vital importance during an interview. So, make sure that you do not disappoint the interviewer by fumbling on such fundamental questions or else it will leave a bad impression on the interviewer.

  1. Rehearsing for achieving perfection:

In order to convince the interviewer that you are the right candidate for this vacancy first, you should rationalize this in your mind. The best way to sound confident is to rehearse your answer around ten times in one of the following manners:

  • Rehearsing in the front of the mirror
  • Rehearing by using a tape recorder
  • Rehearing in the form of an enactment with the help of a friend
  1. Five minutes to go!

Many studies have shown that most of the interviewers make up their mind about the hiring in the first five minutes and the rest of the interview they spent for assessing their decision with the help of supporting arguments. So, start the countdown when you enter the door and give a positive vibe and demonstrate positive and condiment attitude.

  1. Diplomatic approach:

Mostly candidates have this unfitting approach that they can get the job by being argumentative in the interview. In reality, this attitude poses a negative effect as the interviewer is basically looking for someone who can work as a part of their team and that requires diplomatic attitude. So, even if you believe that you are on the right never act hostile rather approach the matter with a tactful approach.

  1. Stay positive:

Never express your dissatisfaction with educational and previous professional career in front of the interviewer. Even if he inquires something of the sort always highlight the positive happening and experiences in the answer. For instance, if he asks you why did you leave the previous job? Always come up with the answer that you were very much satisfied with the job but now you feel like moving forward for the sake of accomplishing professional growth.

  1. Sound articulate:

It is very important that you mention only the relevant interests, skills and previous experiences in the interview which match the job description. Otherwise, you will confuse the interviewer and he will not be able to see your relevant promising features as an applicant.

  1. Stay confident:

Walking inside the door with a well-written resume in your hand boosts your confidence up to 60%. So, make sure that your resume is with you when you are sitting in front of the interviewer exhibiting confidence through your communication as well as body language.

By paying heed to all the aforementioned tips you can secure any job that you are desirous of.

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