7 salary negotiating tips and tricks to raise the offer
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7 salary negotiating tips and tricks to raise the offer

Not everyone is a master when it comes to salary negotiating. Turns out, a lot of people hesitate to negotiate their salary and speak up for themselves when they’re starting a new job. Being a job applicant, you have no power until you have officially signed the contract but you do have power over the amount of salary you will opt to work for. Take advantage and full use of this short window of time along with using your negotiating power to raise the offer.

Some tips have been written in this post to make good salary negotiations and increase the salary in your offer.


You need to do your research about the salaries that are being paid to the people working the same job or on the same post as yours. This way, you will get an idea about how much salary you must demand for the job you have applied for. Do the comparison and then ask up for the amount that you are expecting.

Give a precise answer

Be very precise when you are asked about the salary you’re expecting. Instead of saying 35,000 rps to 40,000 rps, give a straight answer for e.g. 38,000 rps. Don’t round up the numbers, you might end up getting lesser than you were expecting along with giving an impression to your interviewer as if you had already done your homework.

Talk about your issues

When you’re being offered lesser salary than expected, talk it out with your interviewer. Get a little personal discussing about your issues such as bills etc. but don’t get too personal. This might help you to get a little increase in your salary offer.

P.s. Don’t come across as a very desperate and a needy person.

Feel no shame

Don’t be shy to talk about your salary expectations. Be confident. Remember, whatever number your salary will be fixed on will be continuing for a long time, so make a wise decision and be confident while negotiating your salary. If it suits you, agree on it.

Be aware of your strengths

You must know your strengths. Knowing about your strengths will give you an advantage of being able to differ between you and the others. You will know what makes you unique and will be able to get a step ahead of everyone. This will get you in a better position to negotiate your salary and ask to raise the bar a little.

Work on your negotiation skills

Practice your negotiation skills with your friends or family. Polish them and put them to use. Always remember, the recruiter will always propose the amount of salary lower than your expectations as they know you will be negotiating and asking for a higher amount. Play your cards right over here and conclude on your own terms.

Set a point

Whatever salary range you have decided upon, the maximum and the minimum, don’t force yourself to accept lower than that. Set a point where your expectations don’t meet the negotiations. Do have reasons about why you wouldn’t be accepting salary lower than your expectations. Have solid reasons.

Accepting or declining a job offer is totally up to you. The negotiations that you’ll make will end up on the decision of what you want. Know what you deserve and show them that you are worth that money.

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