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How to balance work and life?

Achieving a work-life balance nowadays can seem like a challenge. More than 70 percent of people fail to find a work-life balance which results in a loss of health, will power and even your relationships with family and friends. For most of the people, work is a way to earn money but this shouldn’t be it; work should serve you emotionally as well along with fulfilling your financial needs. Work, for sure, can be demanding at times but it should not become a priority over your health well-being. Always remember, YOU are your number one priority!

While work may request a lot of attention now and then, it should not take over your life. You must be able to give time to yourself, your interests and your family and friends. Try not to burn through eight hours daily working just to get back home and disregard the things that keep your spirits high and energy up.

Here are a few tips to adjust your work-life balance:

Stop looking for perfection

As you grow up, life gets complicated and everything is not as perfect as it was once when you were a kid. Your responsibilities grow more with time and perfectionism takes a drastic fall when you cannot keep up with everything. Just get rid of this attitude to stay more calm and in focus with your life and work.

Limit work hours and stick to it

Technology has made commuting and working a hundred times easier for us but at the same time, it has taken expectations to a higher level by being accessible all the time. The work day never seems to get to an end. Make your agenda to be available for work and answering work calls, e-mails or text only when you’re working. The rest of the time, make it yours. Make quality time true by sticking to your working hours only.

Make your health your top priority

Your main concern should be your health. If your work is stressing you out or giving you anxiety, you must take a break from it. What is the point of going to work when it is not making you happy? Working tirelessly just for the sake of money is not on!

Create time for yourself

While your job is important for you, you must be able to take out time for yourself. You were indulged in several activities before your present job, weren’t you? You had a life. It all depends on what you prioritize the most; if your main priority will be your job, you will not be able to give time to yourself. Go to the gym, make exercise an everyday activity. Go out with your loved ones, give time to them. Hangout with friends. Go for a walk. Just do something for yourself because no one else will.

Do take your work seriously but at the same time don’t take yourself or your loved ones for granted. As they say YOLO – you only live once. Apply this to yourself and just enjoy the moments.

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