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Career vs. Job: Following Your Passion

It is a common matter of debate that if the work you are doing is called your career or your job. Most of us perceive them as if they mean the same. Well, they do not. There are a number of distinguishing factors that differentiate one from the other.

Money vs. Experience:

The basic element separating the two (career and job) is money. Having a job indicates that you are mindlessly working to earn money only. Your motivation for working every day is the pay cheque you are going to get at the end of the month. The job you have is in no way meant to the bigger picture. Career, on the other hand, comprises of a number of jobs that are complementing your experience in a certain field. It follows a hierarchy where every job you take, contributes to a larger purpose you have set according to your goals.

Risk vs. Security:

Having a job in a call centre or at the nearby departmental store, along with providing smooth cash flow in your pocket, gives you security as well. You know that you will have money at the end of the day to feed yourself. On the contrary, following a particular career line can, sometimes, prove to be unstable. You might gain non-monetary relevant experience in your field and not get to achieve monetary benefits. Following your passion expects from you to take crazy risks at times which is not the same while working in a coffee shop.

Specialized vs. Generalized:

Building a career illustrates that you should have a specialized education or expertise in a particular field. In case of a random job, you don’t need to have special skills because the target is money and not experience or a particular goal.

Fulfilling vs. Unfulfilling:

A good pay cheque is a really strong motivation but it can also prove to be unfulfilling. Following your passion can be less productive on the money side but it is fulfilling nonetheless. You don’t feel tired or bored while working long hours. Waking up in the morning and going to work is not a hassle when you actually enjoy your work. On the other hand, working in a store or making coffee might not seem fulfilling and you feel like quitting every day because you don’t really know why you are doing this job.

Long Term vs. Short Term:

Working a job does not allow a person to think past his daily grind. He does not have to think about how today’s work is going to affect his tomorrow. Day to day jobs require from you to have a bare minimum performance while having a career require a lifelong struggle. People who construct their careers and follow their passion have a greater outlook on life. They work with a mindset that their work today is going to have certain effects on their future. This cause/effect relationship helps them achieve their goals in a better way. They live focused and goal-oriented lives.

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