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Create a killer online professional profile with these few steps

In today’s world, don’t underestimate the impact your online professional profile can have on people. An expert profile is the ideal method to share more about your interests, abilities, and what makes you more special than the rest of the candidates.

Profiles have various advantages for individuals seeking jobs. When the employers search for your name online, your profile gives an overview to him/her about the capabilities and skills you have. All of this can either show a better picture of you or make them regret their decision about giving you a chance, all depends on the type of online profile you’ve made. They likewise enable you to flaunt your identity online. Conventional resumes are dry, which is a major issue when employers get a huge number of applications hence, your job is to stand out.

These are a few tips to make your online professional profile look dapper and catch the eye of the employers in an instant.

Think out of the box

“I am very hardworking “and “I am very dedicated” are so clichéd and commonly used in professional profiles. This is the story of each and every person worldwide. Try something different, try building up a bio that stands out without overdoing it and is different from the rest. Reading the same kind of words again and again will create nothing but the same ordinary impression that the others have had on your employers. So write something interesting in your professional profile that not only describes you well but gives them a reason to pick you as their next employee.

Add links of your other profiles

Adding links of your other social media profiles to your professional profiles is always a good idea. It will cultivate a deeper understanding of what you’re like as a person and give an insight to your life. Just make sure that your profile looks good with decent pictures of you.

Put an appropriate picture

Choosing the right picture for your professional profile is very important. Put up a picture that looks professional but friendly at the same time. Uploading informal pictures from your social media profiles may seem unprofessional and leave a bad impression on the employers.

Be brief when it comes to writing about experience

Instead of writing huge paragraphs about how much experience you have and what you learnt about in your previous jobs/internships, just get to the point. Write about the set of skills you acquired during that time period and what your duties were. Exaggerating about your experience and qualities might get you in trouble in future, so put a hold on boasting about yourself on your profile.

Describe the kind of jobs you are in search for

Do mention the type of jobs or internships you have been looking for. Mentioning these specs in your professional profile will make it easy for employers to look for you and hunt you down for your next job.

These were a few helpful hints to give you a sense of what to write in your online professional profiles. Lastly, just keep your profile updated with whatever new field you step into, whatever new courses you choose to study or wherever you’re working. Building a good profile takes time, but just relax and have fun throughout the whole process. After all, good things take time to happen.


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