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Females are More Successful Project Managers

Living in 21st century, we are way past that time when women were assigned the gender role of the caregiving wives and mothers. Women, today, are excelling in every field of life. In some spheres, however, they are an even better fit than men. There are a number of innate qualities women possess which make their role as project managers more successful.

Efficient Communicators:

One of the rudimentary requirements for a productive project leader is to effectively communicate with the members of their team. Having a natural flair for adept expression, women make effectual project managers. Their strong communication skills encourage the members of the team to express their concerns and needs which in turn ensures a better quality of work.

Enthusiastic Motivators:

The role of a motivator is better performed by women as compared to their male correspondents considering the fact that they are instinctively enthusiastic about their job. It is important for the leader to strengthen the morale of their team members off and on so the project runs smoothly. Being good motivators, female managers improve the performance of their team.

Sympathetic, Empathetic and Emphatic:

Owing to their resolute interpersonal skills, females are able to connect with their team members on a professional as well as an informal level. This ability to sympathize and empathize while working in a formal environment is something inborn and unmatched. The connection with team members on a personal level makes them a more authoritative and emphatic leader/manager.

Disaster Control:

The feminine prowess of foreseeing a disaster before it hits, makes them an ideal and successful project manager. They are able to anticipate the plausible outcomes of a certain task which helps them prepare and make the necessary arrangements for disaster control. They are flexible in their nature, a quality that makes it easy for them to improvise according to a certain situation.

Passionate Thinkers:

Bearing a striking dissimilarity to their male counterparts, females are more passionate about the task at hand. A passionate leader thus creates a work environment where team members also get motivated to actually like and enjoy the work they are doing. It also creates a friendly work environment boosting up the merit of a particular project.

Chance Takers:

On any given day, females have to perform a number of tasks which require taking humongous risks, making them naturally able to take risks without fearing failures. Being a project manager comes with a huge responsibility of taking risks which women are the right fit for. Their ability to carefully take calculated risks which no one else will subtly enhances the productivity of the team.

Simultaneous Task Completion:

Even before women were allowed to leave the household and become a part of work industry, they were managers at home. This indicates that females have an intrinsic capability of performing a number of tasks simultaneously. A project manager is surrounded by a whirlwind of tasks. This ability of females to multitask efficiently and effectively makes them thrive as a project manager. This is also indicating that the trend of female employment in Pakistan is rising.



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