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How to get over a job rejection?

You are perfect in every way; good GPA, excellent set of skills, self-assured and the list goes on. Getting a call and an interview for job was no biggie at all for you and yet they chose someone else over you even when everything went smoothly. You’re shattered and losing yourself in the negative thoughts. What to do now…? Can’t really face the rejection, can you? Well, this is a part of life. Stop fretting over something so small and give yourself a chance to move on to something better. Here’s how to face and get over a job rejection like a boss.


The very first step towards getting over a rejection is to accept it. Accept the fact that it happened and happened for a good reason. Sitting and thinking about it will lead you nowhere. Don’t get caught up in a web of negative thoughts forcing you to assume that you’re no good. It’s okay to sometimes not get what you want. This is life…

Learn from your experience

To err is human. You made a mistake or two while giving your interview and can’t stop criticizing yourself now. Instead of thinking how you made a fool out of yourself at the interview, cut yourself some slack and think of the things that shall not be repeated the next time. Keep a list of things in mind to improve and better yourself for the next interview. And always remember:

“Rejection happens for a multitude of reasons. It is our ability to become stronger and come to terms with it.”

It’s a part of the process

You will not get your favorite job immediately just after your interview and, if you do, you, my friend, will be considered very lucky. Always remember, good things take time. Rejections are a part of the process. Some employers will think you’re the best fit for their job while another might not see you perfect for the job role. Everyone faces rejections before landing their favorite job so consider this as a part of the process. If no successful person had ever gotten a rejection, they will not be where they are today. So, be patient through this whole process.

You’re not alone

It’s a fact that a lot of people face more rejections than landing a job. Keeping this in mind, you’ll be able to understand that you’re not the only one who had to go through this. Focus on the next opportunity and forget about what happened.

Feedback required

Once you’ve been rejected, look for answers. Ask for a feedback from your interviewer to get better for your next one. There is always a room for learning and for improvement. Show them about serious you were about your interview and how much the feedback matters to you. This might not only leave a good impression on them but might even encourage them to call you again in the near future.

Your story doesn’t end here. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. Maybe you weren’t ready, maybe the timing wasn’t right or maybe it wasn’t good for you. Look at the brighter side of the rejection. You will be rejected from countless jobs before you get there. But I can guarantee you that you will. So don’t hold yourself back just because of one rejection. Your success has been waiting for you, go get it!

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