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Importance of Improving English Language Skills and Jobs that Require Them

The importance of communication in today’s corporate world is undeniable. Being the most commonly used language in the business world, English has unmatched worth. A person equipped with a set of English language proficiency can smoothly excel in the business world since he is able to convey the technical skills he retains in an effective manner. These language skills can help him in securing better job opportunities as compared to someone who possesses technical skills only.

Being a citizen of Pakistan where English is not a native language, having a good grasp of English language can create countless opportunities for an individual. In Pakistan, English occupies the role of the official language which increases its importance significantly. Even before you step into the professional world, you need fairly good communication skills in the English language to ace your interviews. Leaving a good first impression is significant in the job interviews. So, being able to chat in the English language will give you an edge in your job interviews. Almost every field in the market, ranging from management to sales and marketing scenario requires decent English language skills. Few of them are listed below.

Sales and Marketing Jobs:

English language expertise is a basic requirement for the jobs in Sales and Marketing field. With the increasing popularity of English language among the current generation of Pakistan, it is necessary for advertising companies to conduct their campaigns in English. Most of the digital marketing is also done in English so improving your language skills will ensure good opportunities in this field.


Any job related to the representation requires a reasonable grip on the English language skills. If you are looking for a job in this very field, your spoken English, specifically, has to be befitting since there is a lot of communication involved in it.

Managerial Jobs:

The jobs belonging to the arena of management require basic to higher level English skills depending on the nature of the job. It is necessary for someone in the team leadership to have English as a strong suit while for someone in the basic office management should be able to communicate with an elementary grasp of English language.

Writing Jobs:

All the writing jobs starting from editing to the jobs in the field of literary Journalism demands advanced writing skills. In order to be a part of newspaper/magazine industry, you need to focus on your reading and writing skills in particular along with basic level speaking skills.

Teaching Jobs:

Jobs in the teaching industry require effective communication at all levels. A teacher has to be equipped with powerful English speaking skills in order to convey his message to the students. The need for advanced level spoken English skills coupled with reading and writing skills

Call Centres Jobs:

Call centre jobs are focused on speaking. If you seek the job in the call centre industry, start improving your English speaking skills along with basic level writing skills. Writing skills will be needed to the level of understanding and responding to emails.

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