IT Minister In Spain

IT Minister In Spain

During the three-day visit, Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqi met with ministers/senior administrators of other governments, CEOs of global tech firms and senior officials of multilateral policy making organizations and exchanged his views about the potential of Pakistan’s ICT sector and overall market. The minister emphasized on the fact that in a population of 210 million more than 70 percent is young and majority of them are digitally literate which offers a great opportunity in terms of consumers, skilled human capital for supporting their businesses locally and internationally and for cultivating new avenues.

The Successful trip to Barcelona , made sure that Pakistan avail the grants that the Government of Spain are willing to offer in regards to more technological environment in the country.

A mutual agreement to share vital information and data was also signaled by the Pakistani delegation which wants to delve into the European market with regards to the new wave of technologies available in the region.

News Source: TheNews

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