What do Millennials Need to Succeed?

What do Millennials Need to Succeed?

The age of the Millennials, is well and truly underway. Born in the decades between the 80s-90s, these individuals are said to be ‘’the next generation’’ taking the mantle of humanity forward from the boomers and the generation X. There has been a lot of discussion on the topic as to who actually falls under this category. Sociologists have come up with an estimation of defining each generation as per the time line they were born in. These are:


Greatest Generation: 1920-1945
Baby Boomers: 1945-1965
Generation X. 1965-1984
Millennials. 1982-2004


According to the timelines in the table above the Millennial generation is said to be the individuals who as of 2019 are reaching or have reached adulthood. Some of their known characteristics are:

  1. Tech Savvy
  2. Innovative
  3. Self-Entitled
  4. Narcissistic
  5. Lazy
  6. Impatient

Now most of the traits jotted down, do not sound appreciative of the millennial generation, the reason behind that is, many of these words come from employers, or job providers in the market who have to deal with this generation when it comes to hiring a perspective employee.

Many CEO’s and leading analyst believe that in the current job market,  getting a millennial to be enthusiastic for a job is one of the most hardest things to handle. The major reason being is their (Millennials) lack of patience.

In a recent interview conducted by Career360 with Cheetay Logistics’ CEO Mr. Ahmad Khan, the thoughts of the above stated statement were echoed in the same vain. Mr. Ahmad gave an in-depth response on the plight of the millennial generation, when asked as to what they need to succeed as professionals.

The very first step for them to take in order to be successful is to be patient, they need to understand that success comes with the ‘’grind’’. ‘’The Grind’ ’according to Mr Ahmed is the single most important factor in climbing up the ladder to success. It is necessary to mould an individual into a professional. If one is patient at the current job they have whether they feel happy or not as content as they would like, they would still reap the reward of being patient. As that would give them valuable insight on how to handle tough situations and deal with tasks that may seem abhorrent.

The second step after patience is actually underlining success and what that means to the individual, The Millennials have often been made to rue their vision of the ultimate ‘’purpose’’, this vague terminology has given many job givers a headache when trying to understand what kind of purpose do their millennial employees seek when working. The fact that many people from this generation are anxious and over burdened by the weight of earning a living and maintain a lifestyle such convoluted notions of purpose often crop up in interviews and job feedbacks. This arbitrary purpose is often the reason for such a large turnover rate in this generation. They seek instant gratification whilst working which is not actually how things work in life so they quit one job to repeat the same cycle in the next one.

In order for the Millennials to succeed as professionals, the consensus is that they need to figure out what exactly do they want from the career they are about select for themselves and once they have selected a career path, the importance is to stick to that and persevere and eventually through determined hard work and the grind that comes with they would eventually find the purpose they had been looking for.


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