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How to quit your job gracefully?

Not everyone intends to carry on with the same job when they get hired. For moving on to the next job without burning the bridges, you need to be very careful. Here are a few tips to help you jump to new beginnings without making a bad impression and maintaining your reputation.

Be very professional

Write your resignation letter very briefly. Give gratitude and explain that you will not be working for the company anymore because you’ve got a new and a better job offer. Thank them by telling about how good of an experience you had in the company. Don’t forget to write the date when you plan to leave.

Be calm

The reaction of your employees towards your resignation may vary. Some might be happy for you, some angry and the rest jealous of hearing about the better opportunity you’re being offered. Don’t let their negative attitude take over you or make you do something that you might later regret. Always stay calm and be in the good books of your bosses and colleagues.

Keep it planned

Plan everything in advance. Plan how you’ll hand in the resignation and break the news to your colleagues. Don’t get too overwhelmed or emotional by their response. Remember, it’s your choice. Whatever you want in life, go get it! Don’t be afraid of what others will say or might do. When you’ve planned it all, you’re on your way to success already.

Is it really done?

Before resigning, be sure about the next job. Talk to your new employer before quitting. Make sure to sign an offer letter before calling it quits. Check the benefits and contract thoroughly. If the new company doesn’t negotiate with you on your terms, don’t quit. Hand in your resignation after everything is done.

Meet your boss

It’s always a good idea to give your resignation in person. Meet your boss. Let him/her know about the new opportunities that have been created for you. Meet them with a positive attitude and give good vibes.

Be honest!

While giving the resignation, it is very natural to be asked about several questions. Your boss must have inquiries related to your sudden plan to resign and you must be able to answer them all. Don’t lie! If you are leaving for personal reasons, let them know. If there were problems that you had been facing, tell them. While leaving you might help your boss to make work better for the next employee replacing you. Just let it all out, calmly.

After resigning from your job, always keep in mind not to bad mouth about the previous company you were working with. This will leave a bad impression on your new colleagues and they might not trust you with everything as they should. Instead, keep in touch with the previous employees and tell them about your new experiences.

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