Rising Trend of Female Employment in Pakistani Job Market
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Rising Trend of Female Employment in Pakistani Job Market

As per 6th Population and Housing Census 2017, women occupy 48.76% of the total population of Pakistan. In order to support the country’s economy, there is a critical need for women to become a functioning part of labor supply in Pakistani job scenario.

What the Tradition States!

Traditionally, there is a lot of stereotype revolving around what kind of jobs are “appropriate” for women and which ones are specifically for the males. It is through our media and educational system that we inculcate these ideas into the minds of our young girls that they can only be a part of some job that requires minimum mobility. This mindset eventually hinders with the professional growth of women in our society. However, we are seeing a trend that is very encouraging. More and more females are entering the job market every year.


What’s Encouraging:

We do not see a drastic rise in the female employment in Pakistani job market because a large chunk of the female population is located in rural areas where females are not an active part of the economy. According to 2012 Economic Survey of Pakistan, there has been a major rise in the female employment in the urban areas, specifically. Whereas, the Economic Survey in 2017 shows an encouragement to the female employment by the allocation of 10% quota for women in public sector jobs. This allocation of quota for women is promising in a manner that the more women employed in public and corporate sector, the more they can share the burden of the economy.

Why the Change?

There are a number of reasons revolving around this ascending fashion in the female population. As the time is progressing, females are getting the similar kind of education as any male would. This progression is responsible for the escalation in literacy rate of female population, thus, improving their career prospects. Earlier, females were only a part of jobs on a very primitive level in the job market considering they had to spend the most significant part of their day at home, doing chores.

Nowadays, we see female entrepreneurs around who are running the show all by themselves. It can be observed that they have transcended from the basic level clerical jobs to the top of the food chain.

The Discrimination:

As indicated by the Gender Gap Index 2015, despite the changing inclinations in Pakistani job market, a discrimination of wages is still prevalent. Females get paid 23pc less than men for doing the similar work. On an average, a woman’s monthly income is Rs.9, 760 in comparison to a man’s monthly earning of Rs.15, 884. This discrimination in the wages owes a lot to gender and cultural stereotypes. This wage gap based on gender discrimination is not created by the job market itself. Instead, it finds its origin in the national policies, largely created by men, which do not allow women to occupy the same position as men. Despite this truth women, with their skills and enthusiasm for smart work, are moving more towards success than men. In Pakistan, everybody wants to hire a female project manager because females proved themselves in this field.

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