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Top 5 Professional Development Books of 2018

We are just about 90 days into 2018 so far, but already some wonderful books have come onto the scene. You could certainly do worse than picking up a few of them and giving them a read.

We have selected 5 of these wonderful titles which we feel are the best of the lot so far. Check them out below.

1- Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers  

(Jay Baer)

This is a book about customer service unlike any other in the market. In fact, reviewers have been calling  it a first of its kind customer service book for this modern era of today, where customers’ preferences and expectations are heavily influenced by social media. The author Jay Baer wants readers to understand that the time has now come to move away from conventional forms of customer service such as telephone and email and embrace the revolution that is social media. This medium must be utilized to deliver effective customer service in 2018 and beyond.

The book is a great resource for learning how to handle complaints in a positive way, turn around bad news into good, and make ambassadors out of the haters of the brand.

2) The Startup Hero’s Pledge

(Tim Draper)

This book has been written by billionaire venture capitalist and investor Tim Draper. The interesting thing about this book is that Mr. Draper has made it available for free on Medium. In a chapter-wise sequence, you can find all the chapters on Medium.

In the book, Dan has talked about making wise investment decisions. He has also shared his thoughts on freedom as well as his somewhat philosophical approach to life and work. There are lots of great stories on these pages filled with important life lessons of all kinds.

3) When To Jump

(Mike Lewis)

This is the journey of one Mike Lewis, who turned his back on a lucrative career path at Bain & Co. to pursue his dream of becoming a professional squash player. The book is chock-full of stories and struggles from Mike’s own life that will inspire you to get up and start working towards your own dream.

Including a foreword from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, “When to Jump” is a step-by-step guide to going after what you want in life and achieving it success.

4) When

(Daniel Pink)

The bestselling author of “Drive” and “To Sell is Human” is back with his newest piece of work and it is just as promising as the previous ones. In “When” Pink talks about time and its influence on our lives.

Things like your daily routine, the ideal time to leave your current job, and even the right time to get married (or thereabouts) all form a part of the book. Aided by extensive research and narrated in a gripping and compelling manner, “When” will share important tips to enable you to make better and well-thought-out decisions every single day.

5) The Origins of Happiness

(Sarah Fleche, George Ward, Nattavudh Powdthavee, Andrew Clark, and Richard Layard)

The team of social scientists from the London School of Economics behind this book has been engaged in extensive research into happiness and well-being, and this book is a culmination of all those years of work. It takes a look at the human condition and what really influences happiness and well-being. The material presented in the book is a result of extensive research carried out over many years on more than 100,000 individuals from different countries and regions around the globe. It also raises important questions about public policies and the people who formulate them and whether or not those in authority still have the public’s best interests at heart.

In all honesty, so many great books are coming out that it is difficult to keep track of them, let alone fit them all here for this piece. But do make sure you check out the ones mentioned above. You will surely pick up some things from them.

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