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FinTech Developer

“June 30, 2021: Today, Aghaz Investments, Inc. is excited to announce that 20,000 satisfied customers are able to conveniently invest according to their values. With well over $100 Million in assets under management, this 18-months old Seattle-based FinTech startup has become the top choice for Muslims and other Values-Based Investors to save for their financial goals in a manner consistent with their beliefs.”

Imagine the press release above.

Now imagine being a founding member of this journey from day 1.

We are an Automated and Mobile Goals-based Investment Advisor for Values-based customers to conveniently invest in a manner consistent with their beliefs.

We are on a mission to provide automated solutions for you to save for your financial goals without compromising your values or the causes you support.

We are a new startup in the early days of developing our software and investment products.

We are looking to staff a wide range of roles across Investment Management, Marketing and Software Development.

You are a software developer focusing on Financial Technology scenarios and integration with 3 rd party abstraction APIs.

Examples of your ownership include determination of a customers’ investment management portfolio through automated regression analysis of historical stock performance data or automating Modern Portfolio Theory to determine efficient portfolios for customers based on their goals, values and risk profiles.

You are passionate about FinTech, investment management and solving financial problems through technology and automation.

You have both built from scratch as well as maintained existing customer experiences used by 1000s of users.

You are comfortable with picking up code written by others and ramping up quickly and effectively.

You are an expert in analysis manually as well as through automation.

You are super comfortable with large datasets, leveraging public libraries for analysis as well as creating your own analytical tools.

Your code is of high quality, clean and well-documented.

You are experienced in GitHub and you are comfortable owning all aspects of software development, including design, development, testing and deployment.

You are self-motivated and passionate about customers.

You like working and collaborating in teams but can operate effectively with minimal supervision.

You are curious; you seek to improve customer experience and don’t settle.

You have solid written and verbal communication skills.

You are an analytical problem solver, and you are happiest when you are analyzing large datasets to create insights about customer experience.

You have (or are working towards) a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related fields.

You have at least 3 years of experience in FinTech, Investment Management projects, with sound knowledge in JavaScript, Python, Ruby and Java.

You will create system level designs for new services as well as update existing services.

You have experience debugging JavaScript-based tools like Chrome Developer Console.

You will develop new services from scratch as well as maintain existing services by adding new capabilities and debugging and fixing any code defects.

You will develop multiple services for offline analysis as well as real-time optimizations for customers’ investment portfolios.

Be a part of the team that will take us from the first customer we sign up in May 2020 to the 20,000 th customer in 18 months.

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