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Why Choose CAREERZ360?


The old adage “don’t look for the best person, look for the right one” sums up today’s job market precisely. Businesses take great pains to locate human resource that is suitable and fits in to their work environment perfectly. Therefore, Careerz360 plans to utilize AI (artificial intelligence) for screening applications, job recommendations, career counselling, and career mapping to ensure that employers get the right candidates for their vacant positions and job seekers receive the best possible career advice every time they seek our assistance.

Top professionals get to connect with each other on our forum and share valuable knowledge and experiences. We also take special care to ensure that talented and enterprising young students are not left out from any exchange of knowledge and sharing of ideas. In fact, we encourage it. Which is why students and young graduates are allowed to freely interact with and benefit from the expertise of top-professionals and well-known entrepreneurs on our professional networking forum.

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Bridging the Gap Between Industry & Academia!

We are striving and exerting for helping educational institutions in staying relevant to and for keeping up with the pace of the industry. Universities are already struggling to meet the demands posed by the industries regarding quality workforce that has the requisite skill set for carrying out the specialized tasks. They are having a hard time in preparing their graduates for jobs that exist in the market requiring a combination of good soft and hard skills. In order to address this growing concern, Careerz360 has introduced the vitality and functionality of contests and projects by allowing university students to work on the projects from industry. This endeavor is enabling and empowering the enterprising young lot for gaining industry exposure much earlier by giving them a chance to meet potential employers and learn industry dynamics.


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